How to find and remove doublets?

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core on a Mac Mini M1

Description of Issue

I have a large collections of music on my NAS server but located on several of libraries.
Using my MacOS is there a way in Roon to locate and remove doublets?
If no, is there some 3. party software that you are aware of, that can help me in this clean-up process?

Hope to hear good news :slight_smile:


From within Roon, on the the album page, Focus==>Inspector==>Duplicates?

There are quite a few ‘dupe finder’ utilities for OS X that’ll scan folders and identify duplicates. If you want to actually delete duplicates, one of those is the way to do. Just do a Google search!

Thanks Bart - I know.
However many of them does only support local search and not on network drives :wink:
That was why I asked here, because I cannot believe that nobody has stumbled into this problem before.

Songkong does a pretty good job but not sure if it can span multiple volumes. Maybe ask in the songkong thread or community they run.

@paultaylor Paul is the software developer.

Hi yes SongKong can work on multiple folders,local or remote.

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Including multiple volumes?

Yes if I understand you right, i.e on Windows could C:\Music and E:\Music and run against both in one go.

Yes that’s what I am implying or on a nas maybe 2 different shares or multiple nas even

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Hi again,

Thanks everyone for your good suggestions.

I did find two apps for MacOS (Gemini 2 and Duplicate File Finder).
Last night I tested Duplicate File Finder with my 20.000+ (sub)libraries, 170.000 files, and around 6TB of storage.
What can I say… A TOTAL SUCCESS :slight_smile:
It ran over night and next morning it had found around 37.000 duplets/700 GB. It took then max 10 minutes and all was clean.
Bought it of course on the spot :wink:

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