How to Fix grouping of multipart recordings? Example Rudolf Barshai, Shostakovich Symphonies

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Recording: Rudolf Barshai, Shostakovich Symphonies
This comes into Roon from Tidal. The first three symphonies out of 15 are correctly grouped by Symphony No. After that the descriptions become just the movement numbers without any symphony identification. The data is there as at the track level, if you pick “go to composition” Roon will display the composition.

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How Can I get the composition to display as part of the Track Title? The information is obviously there but does not display. This appears to be a common problem with albums that are made up of many CDs. It is impossible to know what you are selecting for listening without really searching. I have avoided many multi CD albums for this reason.
Fixing this with track groupings appears to require editing each track with new descriptions which can take hours for a single album. This can only be done once an album is added to the library so is of no use in browsing at all.

This doesn’t work every time but if you manually identify the album then roon will often have metadata for multiple editions of the album. Some will work better than others including fixing multi-part composition grouping as in this case:

three dots → edit → identify album → “this is the metadata that is currently being use for tis album” → “2 of 2” → save

This is an example where this simple fix works. Where it doesn’t and you have a local copy of the album then you need to manually edit the WORK/PART tags. Time consuming as you say for large box sets. You can also try an auto-tagger like Song Kong. With streamed content your options are limited as roon does not provide the editing tools needed although I have sometimes got roon edits of streamed content to work (very hit and miss). You can ask roon to ask the metadata supplier to fix the composition grouping at source or you can try fixing it yourself in musicbrainz where roon will eventually pick up the edits.

Brilliant fix. Thank you. I tried that but didn’t move to the other edition which fixed it!

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