How to force a refreshment on edit metadata

I have a MacBook Pro and OSX 10.10.3. and a ID40 card in my 861.My storage is a USB disc connect at the Mac.
When i want to edit Metadata, i edit that on my USBdisc (track names) and everything is smooth. But i can’t see the changes on ROON even when i start it over or disconnect and connect the USB disc again.
How can i force that ROON refresh his storage infos ?
Audio analyses speed is on fast, does it affect on that ?

What kind of changes are you trying to trigger @RobertW?

Keep in mind that Roon looks at your files, and uses track titles and other information to identify the albums. Once they’ve been identified, you’ll generally be looking at rich data from Roon’s database, as opposed to the basic information stored in your files.

Don’t know if i catch your answer, the album itself say “unidentified” but show some track numbers but not all(in that case just only track 10)
Its “Pedro Godinho” with “street guitar” if you like to check.
So as track 1 to 9 are correct, i edit track 10 but still show only “track 10” ???
The album cover is also just add manually(searched on the web).
So it think why track 1 to and not track 10 ?


Robert, may be paste a screen shot of what you see. Might be easier to explain.

Ok here are two pictures.
The first show my USB disc what is the storage and all tracks are correct.
The second picture show what i get with ROON.
The album itself say unidentified, but i add just the cover and edit the name of the tack 10-all other Data i edit not touch. So why i can’t see the real name of track 10 in ROON ?

And in ROON its only “Track 10”

What meta tags does track 10 have ?

Sorry i have no idea where i can see that.

Tag (see: is a lightweight (and free) OS X App that will read and write tags for most common music files, including FLAC.

Just drop the files or folder into the App, and you can read (and change) the metadata.

Thanks RBM, its working now :-))

Robert, did you fix the file tags ?

Yes Nick thanks.
I use tag from sbooth (thanks RBM) and changed track 10 in the “tabular” sheet.
Now its also working/updated in ROON.

:slight_smile: Robert