How to get a device certified?

I have a new Monoprice HTP-1 home theater processor. It has Roon capability, but it’s not (yet) Roon certified. (I’m pretty sure it’s an ATI device sold under the Monolith brand)

How does a company get their device certified?

The manufacturer has to collaborate with Roon and submit a unit for QA testing.

I’ll tag @support for further comment but I know they will not divulge specific details about any partners and timescales.

Hello @Dan_Herrmann,

We are working with Monoprice to get the device Roon Ready certified. Hang tight and make sure to periodically check for software/firmware updates on the unit. When the device has been certified, the status will automatically be updated in Roon, no work required!



Is this work still ongoing? Is there hope something will happen ?
Will multichannel be supported?