How to get My Daily Discovery to show up in Roon, answered

Took me awhile to figure this out, so I thought I’d post the solution.
The Problem: I could not see Tidal’s My Daily Discovery in Roon. The reason for this is that My Daily Discovery isn’t a playlist, so you can’t see it in Roon.
Here’s how to see My Daily Discovery in Roon:

  1. In Tidal, make My Daily Discovery into a Tidal Playlist (“add to playlist, make new playlist”)
  2. In Tidal, mark the playlist created above as a Favorite
  3. Eventually the playlist will show up in the list of Roon playlists that you have created.This may take a few minutes, or a few hours.

That’s it!


I’m not sure how to carry out step 2. Where can I mark the playlist as a Favourite? Will it autoupdate this way?

In the Tidal App. No it won’t autoupdate. You can force a sync from settings/services on the Tidal section rather than wait for Roons next auto sync which is every hour or so.

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all there is a feature request to make this available automatically please vote for it