How to get out of the "abc" trap

I used the “abc” button at bottom of the page, and it probably works as intended. My question is how do I get back to the original GUI with all artist listed, now I got 11 artist and I can´t find a way out of it.


There is another ‘abc’ with a down arrow at the lower right corner. Is that what you are referring to?

Hi @Per_Aage_Klingenberg,

As Scott suggested, if you click the ABC in the lower right does that resolve things for you?

Hi Dyland.

Thanks for trying to help me. No this “ABC” button in the lower right corner doesn´t help. When I click this, the letters (in your case OFT) disappear, but still the same selection of albums, in my case 11 out of may be 1000 albums. I just want to get everything back.

Best regards

Per Aage

Per, what are you trying to do here? Are you in the Artist browser? Then when you use the “ABC” feature, it should jump to the point in the list of artists to the artist whose name matches what you have typed in. So, perhaps you’ve typed in the start of a name that is 11 artists before the end of the artist list. You can simply scroll back through the list (using your mouse wheel, if your mouse has one), or using the “Home” key on your keyboard to go back to the beginning of the list.

The “ABC” feature should be acting as a Jump control - and not as a filter on the artist list.

Hi @Per_Aage_Klingenberg,

As Geoff suggested, the ABC icon is used to quickly navigate the page, but shouldn’t actually filter anything. Did you perhaps also use the Focus feature? Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

At the same time as I started playing with the “ABC” button, the NAS server went down during a Roon database update. This had the result that the Artist collection was actually only 11 . This time I was fooled, … pst “I love Roon” !!

Sorry for all the trouble.


Per Aage

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