How to get Qobuz title when same title also exists on local library? [Answered - Versions tab]

I’m testing Roon and will probably buy a lifetime license – it certainly does work better than the dedicated app for my streamer.

However, I’m struggling with an issue: I have setup a local library with my own media collection and I also am trialing Qobuz (to which I’ll probably also subscribe, I like it better than Tidal)

However, when I search for something, if the content is on my local library, then I can’t figure out how to select the Qobuz version. I want the latter because most of my local content is still MP3 rather than FLAC.

What am I missing?


There will be a versions tab and the alternatives are in there.

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Duh — I never even noticed that.

Thanks so much for the quick response


No problem, that’s what the forum is for.