How to handle Beethoven Complete Masterpieces (60 CDs, Sony)

I note that the allmusic entry – – for Sony’s 60 CD boxset ‘Beethoven Complete Masterpieces’ is empty; how are you handling this boxset?

I have this boxed set and have quailed from ripping it yet. Would also be interested to hear from those brave souls who have forged ahead through it.

I scanned all the sleeves for the individual CDs, if you’re interested; that might save you time.

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Thank you, very kind. I’m not sure that I’d go for individual albums here though. Then again, trying to pick from 60 disks in the one album entry doesn’t sound attractive either. Let’s see if anyone else has some experience of adding it. I’ll send a PM with my email details if the individual covers look convenient, if that’s OK.

Here is a link (all zipped up):


If I recall, I used gracenote data to tag almost all of these albums.

The process took me quite some time.

I hate itunes to rip albums, but I used itunes gracenote database to identify virtually all the albums.

I then imported the tags into musichi tagger, which I highly recommend if you are tag a lot of classical music.

Still took alot of time, but eventually got there.

Afullmark’s thread got me thinking about starting a thread of classical music box sets that allmusic does not have entries on. When I get a chance, I will start this thread.

If you can find a web page with the necessary metadata puddletag has the capability to convert clipboard content into tags. Basically the content is treated as a parseable table and you just need to define the fields it should parse to, including a %dummy% field for stuff you want to discard.

I see that puddletag is a linux program.

Anything equivalent for windows?

Closest would be mp3tag, not sure it supports clipboard tagging though.

[quote=“steveoat87, post:8, topic:10860”]
I see that puddletag is a linux program.
[/quote]Runs equally well on OSX.