How to install Roon Extension Manager?

Roon Server Machine

Windows 11 Pro

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Number of Tracks in Library

More than 20.000

Description of Issue

Which is the BEST and the EASIEST method to install Roon Extension Manager on WIndows 11 Pro?
I’m seeing many different ways to install it, but as i see they are very old… Which is the status actually to do it?

You cant unless you are familiar with Docker or other VM managemnt as its Linux only.

I don’t think Roon Labs support (you posted this in the Support section of the forum) will provide you with support for third-party software. Probably Roon API would have been better for that question.

Official installation instructions can be found on the project’s webpage:

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Thanks, i will continue on Roon API forum…

Run DietPi in a Virtual Box VM on Windows. Instructions here

Thanks, but if i understand well, the virtual machine must be ON 24/24 if i have the Roon Server running at the same time. If i close the VM the extensions will disappear, correct?

Yes that is how it works. If you are running RoonServer on Windows then both the Server and the VM can be on the same machine. If you are running ROCK then you need another device to run the extension manager. An alternate is to load DietPi on a RPI4 and then enable the extension manager on it.

You would still need to keep that device running 24/7. What extensions are you interested in? I’ve not really found any of them sufficiently compelling to keep it going all the time. Others might have a different point of view. But, extensions are just another point of potential failure.

Ok thanks… i would like to use only some of them, like Random Radio and Alarm Clock.

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