How to make 2 Denon Home 150's a stereoset in 1 group?

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me how to make a setup to let my 2 Denon Home 150 speakers work as a stereopair in 1 group. I have sound on both speakers but no stereo.

Kind regards, Marc.

Hi Marc,
Have you grouped the speakers as a stereo pair in the app? If so then they should appear in roon as one output that you can select to hear stereo output.

Hi Axel,

I don’t think i did. I installed them, made a group where i put them in. I did not find any possability to select them as a stereo pair or 1 Denon as left and the other as right channel.

I did look for info everywhere the last week but could not find it. My bad i guess….

Hi Marc,
I found the instructions here:

Hope this helps.



Hi Axel,

I just had contact with the Denon helpdesk. They told me it’s not possible yet to send multiple airplay streams such as stereo.
They say it will be possible after their next big update that will come soon.

Greetings, Marc.

Good news that Denon are on the case. Hope it goes well for you. Let us know how you get on.

Hi Marc,

Has this been solved by Denon already? Are these speakers working as a stereo pair in Roon?


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I decided to try it myself and I can confirm that they work as a stereo pair.