How to make artist view show primary artist only - Ex. Paul McCartney

I’m finding that, in artist view, when selecting ‘view all albums’ for a particular artist, Roon is showing ‘Main Albums’ for that artist where the artist is credited only as a composer or lyricist, etc.

For example, in artist view, when I view all albums for ‘Paul McCartney’, I am seeing ‘main albums’ albums by The Beatles, where The Beatles are credited on all tracks as primary artist and Paul Mccartney is credited as composer.

Is it possible for ‘main albums’ to show only albums where Paul McCartney is credited as the primary artist – and then show the rest under ‘With The Beatles’ where Paul McCartney is credited only as a composer, vocalist, or lyricist, etc.?

Hope that’s clear. Maybe I’m missing something. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Jordan,

Can you share some screenshots of the Paul McCartney page showing what you’re seeing?


Hi Dylan, thanks for the reply.
See attached. This is the Paul McCartney page - note there are albums by the Beatles, Michael Jackson, etc, where Paul McCartney is not listed as the primary artist. Even on the ‘Various Artists’ albums, he is not the primary album artist. Can these show under “With…” views?

Hi @Jordan — I don’t see the screenshots attached. Can you try adding them again?


Displays fine here. Maybe an intrenet/server hickup on your side @dylan ?

Hi @Jordan,

Apologies, when I last checked the screenshot wasn’t appearing for me, but I’m seeing it now. Currently there is no way to differentiate between the types of credits on this page. We appreciate the feedback!

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