How to override TIDAL allbum/track title?

TIDAL and Qobuz don’t display the original album/track title in its original language. Usually, the romanized words are used in international music. For example, Chinese music from Hong Kong are romanized in Mandarin rather than the local Cantonese names. For non-mandarin speakers in Hong Kong, the songs title are just all gibberish. (I’m pretty sure westerners would find the title even more gibberish.). These gibberish words don’t convey the meaning of the song and lyrics. It takes away a huge part of the enjoyment of music. With the advance in unicode encoding and matured localization practices in software. I’m shock to see that album/track titles are not display in the original Chinese words. This problem applies to Japanese and Korean titles too.

In Roon, how do I override the album/track titles from TIDAL. Maybe override is the wrong word? I’d like to overlay my own title information (ideally with support to pull them from MusicBrainz and Discog).

Note that Apple Music, Spotify, and, etc all display the album/track titles in its original language instead of butchering the title into gibberish alphabet soup. I’m not against romanized title, but it should not be forced upon the customers. The correct approach is to let the user choose the language to display. For example, users should be able to prefer, as an example, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and French and English in that order. And separate the preference of the UI language from metadata’s languages.

The world doesn’t revolve around English…

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I just checked, most Chinese titles are no longer “romanized” but translated into English.

For purists, I still prefer track name in their original languages, not translated into English.

Better still, provide both original language and translation in track data to make searches easier in English.