How to permanently delete a convolution filter?

This should be easy, but it’s not turning out that way. I’m trying to delete several convolution filters I no longer use. I’ve cleared them, removed the filter, and even moved the source wav. files to the trash. They disappear momentarily, but not permanently. The next time I open the DSP engine they’re back!

What am I missing?

Did you save them as presets? I cannot think of something else

Delete the FIR DSP

Delete the preset

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’ve done. Several times. The following screenshots show what I’ve started with, what it looks like after I follow what you’ve suggested above, and what it looks like after I close and reopen Roon, or even just switch to a different convolution filter. Weird. A bug?

I should add that the Presets are deleted and they no longer show in the list.

Wondering if you have tried saving the preset, once the convolution is deleted.

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That’s it! I thought deleting the presets and convolution filters was enough, but the last necessary step is saving the changes in the remaining presets.

Resolved. Thank you @grizaudio.


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