How to play Roon on Sonos devices

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10. HP work laptop.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

WiFi connection everything on the same network name.

Description of Issue

I listen to Roon playback on my stereo speakers with laptop sending signal to Amp via HDMI.
I just read Sonos is supported on Roon and I have a Sonos Amp. So as I understand - I can use Roon on my laptop (wirelessly) and integrate with Sonos to stream playback from Roon to the Sonos device.
I can’t see any Sonos in my settings, no Network tab on settings, I just see one zone which is my PC playback.
Can someone help me understand how to use Roon to play on my Sonos Amp?

Hi Frank,

A couple of comments from a fellow user (not official support). There can be serveral issues:

  1. The Sonos endpoints need to be on the same network as the Roon Core. I would double check the IP addresses of the laptop and the sonos amp to verify they are actually on the same sub-net. (if you don’t know what that means, I can explain).

  2. Verify that the network identification done by Roon is not being blocked by your laptop’s antivirus or firewall. Do this by temporarily disabling each one at a time and checking if the Sonos endpoint appears.

Typically, if the Sonos is on the same network subnet, it should just appear under Settings/Audio in Roon. If (or once) it does, you then need to activate it, give it a name, and then select it as the active endpoint to send music to.

If you haven’t read this, you might also give it a quick read

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Sometimes I find it’s necessary to close the Roon Core app and reopen it for additional audio devices to be discovered Also I believe that to group Sonos devices within Roon they must all be on either the Sonos 1 or Sonos 2 OS.

Hey @Yuval_Frank

We’re so sorry for the delay in our reply, but it seems like the Roon Community has come to the rescue. Rugby had brought up some great points - were you able to follow these suggestions and get your Sonos devices to connect with Roon?

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