How to populate Images in Artist view and Album View

I have been a user of Roon for about 2 years. I have been frustrated with the “Artist” screen because it was filled with 1/2 dark boxes, 1/2 images. I have a huge file of artist images on my computer. Populating the images in Roon was tedious and time consuming. Today I have discovered an easy fix, and perhaps I am the only one who didn’t know about it.

Go to Browse, Overview, Images. Click on “Artists with Images” and “Albums with covers”. This seems to populate the images. Again, maybe everyone knows this except me, but now my Roon screens look a lot more polished and complete. Anyway I hope this helps 1 or 2 of you!

I don’t think these options create the missing pictures or artworks. They rather ignore artists and albums when images are missing.

This doesn’t populate missing artist images. Rather it applies a focus to the Artist View to only show artists that have an image. As the above post says, it essentially ignores artists that don’t have an image.

@Robert_Imhoff You need to populate the pictures for the artists that are important to you yourself. I also replaced many of the ultra-low-res mugshots that Roon provides by default with high-qual pictures found on the net.

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