How to re-install Roon

If I am to clean install Roon again - instead of using an old backup - will Qobus remember all the albums I added in Roon in my old library?

I am currently frustrated with ROON 1.8 set up on a reinstalled iMac with maximum specs. Roon does not always open up, it is slow and clunky - and I assume that this is not normal behaviour for version 1.8?? — it may be that my iMac needs to be re-installed again (it comes from my work place), however, I also thought that a clean install of Roon again would be preferable to an old back up library build over many years?

Yes, as soon as you sign in to the streaming service on the new install, it will sync up all the favorite d Qobuz albums.

If you want a fresh start, complelely remove all traces of Roon from the PC. Then install again. After installation, sign in to Qobuz, then point storage to your music, and re-ingest your library.

Thanks Daniel. That was very helpfull. When I reinstall Roon from a new iMac with Big Sur is there anything that I need to remove besides the programme? I have read somewhere that I need to go to the ‘Library’ and remove the Roon folder from there. However, Roon my iMac I cannot identify any Roon folder under ‘Library’ so I wonder if the Roon folder now is placed elsewhere?

Hi Morten. I am a Windows guy, not, a Mac guy, so you might want to wait for someone with direct Mac experience to offer OS specifics, such as other locations, if there are, that Roon might have moved the library.

Ok. thanks a lot though for your answer to my first question!

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I assume Roon is also much better at scanning my own music collection than when it did so four years ago in my old library!

There’s this post

Caution, that will delete everything.

Thanks. I did find this. But on my iMac there is no Roon folder under library. So I wonder if Roon is placed elsewhere now (the page referred to was in 2017)…

Ok, this is the latest and greatest from Roon’s KB. :slightly_smiling_face:

It worked: Thank you so much!!! I will try it out.


Hey @rasmussenmorten,

It’s great to see you’re using the community as a resource. I’m glad you found the answers you were looking for, even before we had a chance to reply.

@xxx, @Rugby and @mikeb a big thank you for your help :pray:

Thanks Rebeka

Only problem I have now is still a serious one unfortunately. I have great difficulty adding albums via Qobuz. Could you please take a closer look at why this is the case.

My setup is the following:

iMac (2019, 3,6 GHz 8-core Intel Core i9), 64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4, Macintosh HD, Radeon Pro Vega 48 8 GB) - this is connected to a harddisk Format Mac OS - Journaled, 5 TB via USB and with a mytek 192 DSD DAC through firewire and two B&W A7 (through WIFI). The iMac is cabled to the firebox that provides 1000/1000Mbps.

SOFTware: macOS Big Sur version 11.2.3 - Roon 1.7 (778).

Remotes latest versions on quite new iPhones and iPads.

Streaming services Qobus

I hope that offers the necessary information!

I have earlier had network problems with Tidal where I could also not add any albums. The result was that there were a number of networking errors. This should have been corrected now by the provider. So could you please check the situation again so we can get Qobuz to work as intended? Thanks in advance!

Hey @rasmussenmorten,

Thanks for the prompt reply and for letting us know where things stand now. I appreciate the setup details.

When you say you cannot add any albums, do you see any errors at all? If so, what do they say?

Also, have you tried this simple process yet?
*Disable Qobuz in Settings → Services
*Reboot your iMac
*Enable Qobuz in Settings → Services


That seemed to improve it. Thanks a lot. The problems seems to be if I try to add an album I already added (but forgot about). Then it continues to add it without result!

You’re welcome, @rasmussenmorten. I’m glad to hear things are starting off on a good path.

Please, keep us posted :pray:

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