How to remove a stubbornly resisten Qobuz album?

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I cannot add or remove a particular album from Qobuz (Sinéad O’Connor, I don’want what I don’t have). Usually i need to add an item to the library for being able to remove it. In this case i can neither add nor remove the Qobuz version of the album (I also have my own copy).

What can I do to remove albums added automatically by Qobuz?

Is it in your library or just showing up in versions?

This is the function implementation is not rigorous, files and data are not synchronized. The delete function can’t be trusted to use.
This problem seems unsolvable because you cannot actively manage database entries.
If you can add it back, you can try deleting it again. If not, you can only wait for the scan to detect the correspondence.

Am not sure what is library and what is versions. It is in the ‘played’ list.

Do you mean history? A screenshot of what you mean would help.

It’s in the “Played” list (see attachment). It is not visible in the “added” and not in the “Volumes in my library” list.

If you mean the qobuz version it isn’t in your library, it has no library symbol on it; so the only place it will show up is in played.
They are different versions, the o e on the left is a 2 cd release and is in your library. The one on the right is a single cd release and not in your library.

Let me clarify further: It doesn’t matter what kind of recording the right version is, I just want to delete it from Roon. This is not possible, perhaps due to a damaged file or whatever.

In the screenshot you shared which album are you referring to?

The Qobuz-copy (right hand) of Sinéad O’Connor.

It’s not in your library the only place it shows is on played, you can’t remove it from there.

AHHH, OK, I understand. Thanks for clarifying.

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