How to remove playlists

I decided to have a look at the playlist functionality of Roon. I clicked on “playlists”. 1030 playlists appeared in Roon - Roon appears to have picked up a lot of the playlists that were in the album folders, and added them here.

This is obviously not much use, as this is essentially duplicating (though only showing some) of the albums that area in the album view.

I want to use playlists for the intended purpose - to put together my own grouping of tracks.

Question is, how do I remove all these existing playlists from Roon? I would have thought that it would be a simple matter of selecting then and the clicking delete. However, when I select a playlist in Roon by right-clicking on it, the “delete” button goes greyed out! I realise that I could delete all the source .PLS files from the folders, but I would rather not do that.

Any help appreciated.

Good catch @extracampine. We have some logic in place that’s supposed to ignore playlists that exactly match albums, but it looks like some of these are getting through. I found some examples in my own collection, and we’re investigating.

We don’t currently allow you to delete imported local playlists, unlike playlists created in Roon or imported from Tidal. We will be adding this functionality in a future release, but for now you’ll need to remove the m3u files themselves if you don’t want these playlists to show up in Roon.

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Hi Mike,

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “imported local playlists”. The playlists that I am referring to are the .m3u files within each album folder that pertain to that album. In other words, the playlist exactly matches the album, as you state above.

Do you know when Roon will stop importing these? I am considering moving all playlists to a separate folder away from Roon’s watchful eye, but before I engage on this workaround I would prefer a more specific fix in Roon. Thanks!

Yeah, same thing. The alternatives would be Tidal playlists, or playlists created in Roon.

I just bumped the priority on this for our next release – there’s still some work to be done elsewhere before this release goes live, so if it’s a quick fix it could be released soon. If it ends up being more involved or has performance implications for the app, it will be a lot harder to say when this will get better.

I would mention – if these playlist files exactly match the album that’s in the folder, the most expedient option might be to just delete them. Regardless, I’ll let you know when I have an update here @extracampine.

Thanks Mike. I’m not overly keen to delete them, so will leave them for now and look forward to an update. Cheers.

Quick question - will this issue be fixed in the upcoming August update? If not them I will move all the playlists from the folders manually. Thanks!

Unfortunately this isn’t going to make it into 1.1, sorry about that!

No worries, thanks for the quick reply!

Clicked Playlists for the first time today. Turns out I have 63 of them. Seems heard to delete them since Roon wants to delete them completely from the harddrive. Saw that I could make a backup and did so. But I dare not go any furher. How do I delete Playlists without deleting them from the harddrive?

On a similar note, any timescale on the above feature? I have been unable to use playlists because Roon pulls in all the “playlists” for my entire collection and so there are thousands of them. I don’t know why Roon adds a playlist for an album that is already in the albums section. Thanks!

I have a lot of empty playlists that look like they’re from old iTunes files (not the current playlists on iTunes). I can’t find them in iTunes (but to be honest, they’re a bit of a jumble). They do not appear when I de-select “Show Global Playlists”. I’d like to delete them in Roon—so, waiting on the fix above?

Also, when I de-select “Show Global Playlists” most, but NOT all Playlists from Tidal disappear. I’d like to keep them, but not with all the empty playlists I can’t delete.
Any thoughts?

Are these TIDAL playlists (denoted by the TIDAL logo in the header area) or are they being imported from your Watched Folder?

Playlist deleting was implemented a few releases back, so you should be able to remove imported M3U playlists if you have sufficient privileges on your drive (meaning, Roon is able to modify/delete files). You can also delete playlists created in Roon. In either case, this is done by clicking the little pencil icon on the playlist page.

If the playlists in question are from your TIDAL account, you’ll need to remove them via TIDAL’s website or apps.

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