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My system runs Tidal fine ,however my trial qobuz will not stream ,and I wish to remove it from Roon menu.I cannot find any way to do that .Qobuz has no support at all ,as of yesterday.
Please advise.

Why not get Qobuz working properly? It works perfectly with Roon for most people.

If you do want to remove it, it’s in the same place as where you enabled it. I can’t remember what the difference between Disable and Logout is, but one should do it

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You should try to fix Qobuz. I have Tidal, Qobuz and my library, Roon does a great job of exploring new music because it does it collectively. You are missing out if you eliminate Qobuz. The combination of all three has worked flawlessly for me for the last three years.

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FYI Qobuz will only allow a paid subscription to stream to Roon.

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Im not sure what a free month trial is for then.
Testing patience ?

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I think by the time most people are ready to try Roon, they are already streaming from Tidal and/or Qobuz or they have their own library of music files.

I’m streaming just fine from a 2 month trial code.

Testing Qobuz, most likely

But that’s a different thing

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