How to Remove Tidal albums from my Roon library

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I have two of the same album attached to my Roon library. One belongs to TIDAL which I added a while back. Since then I have acquired the same album (physical copy) which resides on my music server. I see both of these when I bring up the performer. I now wish to delete the TIDAL version so that it only shows me the “physical” version on my list. How do I do this easily without the risk of wiping out all tracks that belong to that album from my server?

Pull up the Tidal album you want to delete (make sure it’s the Tidal album though!)
Click on the 3 dots and then Edit
Then in album options tab scroll down to the bottom of the page to ‘Delete Album’.
Click on that and the Tidal album is removed leaving the local copy.

If by mistake you delete the wrong one luckily it’s just a case of reripping the physical version again!
Hope this helps.

If it’s a Tidal album then when you get the warning prompt you should see a reference to “TIDAL” rather than “Hard drive”

If you use Tidal on the go, instead of deleting the album, Roon allows you to hide it. Keeps it in your Tidal account, whilst using your purchased copy at home.

Hi @Andrew_Yin,

When you’re viewing an album, you can see the source of the album below the album art:

This will allow you to verify whether or not it is the TIDAL version or the local version. If you’re viewing the local version, you can go to the Versions Tab and select the version you do what to delete:


As Brian mentioned, the delete window will also clarify whether you are deleting TIDAL content or local content:


If you have any other questions please let us know!

Thanks Dylan. The problem I see with this type of deletion is that the album no longer appears within my TIDAL selection. Even though I do not want the TIDAL version of the album to be included in my library does not mean that in the future I might not want to play the TIDAL version to compare with the version I have on my server. Secondly, who knows what will happen in the future. Something might go wrong and I lose some of my physical albums and I have to revert back to the TIDAL albums. It would be good to still have access to these “deleted” albums. Why not instead of having a “Permanently delete all tracks from this album” just have a “Exclude from library” function. The end result being, I can still see the “excluded” album in the TIDAL list, but only the physical version is part of my Library. Just my feedback.

Thanks Chris, Bevan and Brian also for all your responses!

Would hiding the albums help? For each such album use
3 dots, edit, hide album.
If Settings > General > Show hidden tracks and albums is set to off, then you won’t see them in album browser, although they will still show in the versions tab.

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Hi @Andrew_Yin,

As BrianW suggested, hiding the album is likely the best bet. Give that a try and let us know if it helps!

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