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How do I repeat a song?
The song is one of my own FLAC files.
Sincerely ,
Fredrik :no_mouth:

Read here, at the end of the page:

If you just want to loop a single song, then the only way to do that is for that song to be the only one in your queue, AFAIK.

The looping that is talked about in the linked KB article refers to looping the entire queue.

That button has 3 states:

  • no repeat
  • repeat entire queue
  • repeat 1 track

That’s not correct. When in queue, press the loop icon (top right) twice, so it shows with a little ‘1’ attached. In this mode, it will repeat the current song. This works for newly selected tracks and for tracks already in the queue:


Aha, here is the answer, in all its isolated glory.

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