How to restart Roon on Synology correctly? And can I play just one CD in a boxset?

  1. My Roon is installed in a Synology 1515+. After I encounter a problem and have to stop the ROONServer package and restart it, Roon re-analyseed or rescaned the folder for about an hour. Is that normal? Or how should I restart Roon correctly?

  2. Now back to the problem I encountered. I have a large boxset of 222 CDs. Every time I click to play one track, about 2000+ tracks are added to the queue. Then after playing several tracks, Roon control on my MacBook would stuck. The music stream is still playing but the progress bar stops and the track information stop updating. Sometimes the only way to solve it is to restart Roon.
    Then I wonder if there is some setting, when I click to play one track, only one or the whole CD is added to the queue. Or if the whole thing is a bug?

My Roon: v1.7 build 511

In general Roon doesn’t mind how it’s stopped; and it should just carry on with whatever tasks it was doing when it is restarted. Has everything settled down now?

You might want to check your play settings.
When the wish to play a track, tapping or clicking on the triangle to the left of the track name will produce the default play action, which you can change. Or you can tap/click on the track name and see all options.

The order of these (and the first is the default) can be changed in settings…

@Greg the KB for these options seems to be out of date; at least I couldn’t find a relevant page.

Is “Play From Here” the default setting? It’s not very convenient for Boxsets.
And for Question 1, I suppose it’s scanning files. No new tracks is added. But I don’t know why. And I have to left it alone and see when it’s over.

Yes it is.
And no it isn’t.

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