How To: Roon ARC with Zen Wifi AX router

Figured out how to make the ASUS router Zen Wifi AX work with Roon Arc:

Go to settings in the ASUS Router app.

1.Enable UPNP and port forwarding under Air Protection.
2. Go to WAN settings and go to Port Forwarding. Search for your Roon core from the list of connected devices. Then add a new port and fill out the empty fields for port range with the port number you see in Roon under ARC.

That worked for me. I initially activated port forwarding and UPNP only under Air protection and that alone didn’t work. Step 2 is critical.


Thank you Marco, this is consistent with other ASUS router solutions for configuring ARC. I moved this to the Port Forwarding category to assist others.


Cheers @Marco_Gymnopoulos and @Robert_F for providing additional guidance to the Community!


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