How to save my favorites?

Hi! I have following problem. I had Roon server on my iMac. Then I decided to sell the iMac and installed Roon server on mac mini.

The music library remains on the same external 6TB Lacie HDD, but after moving to new Mac I lost all my favorites. My new Roon server at mac mini doesn’t know which songs I marked as favorites at iMac. Is it possible to restore any way my favorite list?

Thank you!

Roon stores all your edits, playlists, favorites you do in its database. Did you backup/restore or transfer/copy your database from the iMac to the Mac Mini?

thank you very much! probably no - I just installed new Roon at new mac and then login. so what exactly should I do to restore from old Roon?

Hi Dmitriy,

There are a couple of FAQ pages that do a far better job of explaining than I would. :smiley:


ok, thank you very much! problem is I already have moved to new computer and it will be difficult to restore anything despite I have backup on my old iMac.