How to select and play one genre Only as defined by me

I spent a day or so to group a lot of Chrtistmas songs into one specific folder on my PC, and labeled with one Genre “CHRISTMAS”. The idea being that I could shuffle them randomly and play Christmas songs over several hours. The ripping and sorting was done on JRiver 23. How do I restrict playback to a specific folder, or a specific genre as written and entered by me, (and NOT play other christmas music that I may not like)? Thanks for any suggestions.

If you have no other albums / songs assigned to the genre “Christmas” you could simply Focus on that genre and then start Shuffle.

Or you add that special folder as a separate storage location (Settings > Storage); then you can use (Album Browser > ) Focus > Inspector > Location.

This is how I have done it… They don’t need to be in specific folders, just use genre Holiday, Holidays, Christmas. Bookmark them…

Hi @Robert_Imhoff,

As mentioned above, using Focus is definitely your best option here. I recommend checking out our Focus documentation in our Knowledge Base.

Given that I like specific type of Christmas music depending on the activity, this year, I created specific playlists, Cocktail Christmas, New Age Christmas, Classical Pops Christmas, Choral Christmas, etc. which I then Shuffled.

Thank you, I am making progress! I have been able to get my squeezebox duet up and running in my dining room. Sounds great! (I wanted to buy an Allo USBridge, but they were sold out.)

So,in this thread, I asked how to make a playlist. You were helpful in directing me to "Focus’. Am I correct in thinking that focus works fine with albums, but not so much in working with individual tracks? I find JRiver is easier to use, and you can more easily switch between album format and individual tracks. Is it possible to build a playlist in JRiver, and save it to a format preferred and usable with ROON? JRiver offers several alternatives.
If you feel that I’m wrong, or missing something, please help, I’m still learning. Thanks, Rob

In the “Tracks” screen is there any way to add more catagories such as “Genre”, so tracks could be sorted that way?

I tracks, I click the Heart and all my Fav tracks come up. Then I hit shuffle and it works a treat for me. All my favs in random order. Different every time

If you make a playlist and add an album, it really is adding all the album tracks as playlists are based off of tracks.

Tracks, all the way to the right, down carat brings up a list of additional track display options. While Genre is not one of them, Storage Location is. So you could sort by storage location.

Thank you for your instructions! It would be great if roon could add sort by genres in the future.

One more question. Does Roon offer a “Playing Now” screen that would show the album cover of whatever is playing, on your desktop monitor? If not, that would also be a feature to add. Thanks, Rob

(I don’t have much luck with it but your mileage may vary :slight_smile:
“Now Playing” Displays work fine on any chromecast devices

roon web controller works great (but takes a little elbow grease to set up)

OK - Found it - Click on icon with lines and music note - graphics appear!