How to set up an iPad as a Roon Endpoint

Can anyone point me in the right direction, towards what I need to read, to learn how to set up my iPad as a Roon Endpoint in a separate room from my Roon Core?

My goal is to stream Tidal through Roon to my two channel stereo in a room separate from my iMac/DAC/Marantz SR6011 setup.

Many thanks!

Download the app from the Apple store is a great start.

I’ve done that. Are you saying opening that heads me in the right direction? I assumed I needed to make some adjustments to setting within Roon itself.


To use your iPad as an endpoint you may need to enable it in Roon/Settings/Audio. This page of the KB sets out the different settings in Device Setup. You may not need to change anything from default. We need to know what you will be connecting it to in order to know.

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