How to setup and use Cdparanoia for ripping

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Neatgear, cat6, switch in audio room

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

7780 tracks

Description of Issue

you recommend cdparanoia for cd ripping, I am unsure how to setup and use that software

Hi @Jeffrey_Sykes1 it’d be good to know what kind of hardware and operating system you’re planning to use for ripping the CDs and you’re most comfortable with.

Thanks :slight_smile:

My hardware intel NUC 10i3FNH, with 128 ssd, 8gig of memory, 480ssd storage drive. Roon OS 1.0(build 227). Model Roon Optimized Core Kit. Please use as much install and setup detail. i am not related to steve jobs, but I am not totally computer illiterate(LOL)

Hi @Jeffrey_Sykes1 and apologies for the delay. I have a feeling that if you’re using Roon OS (ROCK) you don’t have any set-up to do. This article:

Suggests that ROCK has the cdparanoia stuff set up, just connect a CD drive and follow the instructions.

Good Luck,

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