How to Sort Room Albums by Genre?

Thank you all for helping me in the past with Roon and my audio equipment. Now that I have my setup I need help with using the Roon app. I have just begun ripping my CD’s to my Sonic Transporter, literally. I only have ripped two CD’s so far? Roon read my albums and the album art came up perfectly. Here’s what I can’t do. I want to sort my albums by genre but it looks like I can only sort by artist? I want to put all of my albums in just a few categories, Classical, Pop/Rock, Blues, Jazz, World, & Lounge music. How can I create these categories? I have tried adding a tag but it doesn’t seem to work when I search for the tag. Also, I went to Album Editor and added “World” for instance. But then when I search album under “World” the album isn’t highlighted? Please help.

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You can’t sort by genre, but you can certainly Focus by genre. You can also choose to use either Roon’s built-in Genre hierarchy, or your own derived from your Genre metadata in your files, or even a combination of both.

This post might help you get started:

In Album settings, you can sort by Artist, added date, etc., but not by Genre. It’s just odd. Yes, I’ve learned to use the Focus feature to Search by Genre but do you think Roon would do a software update and add Search by Genre?

Is it odd? I don’t think so. Remember that Genres in Roon is actually a multi-level hierarchy, not a flat alphabetical list. So how would you show a sort by genre in the Album browser?

In plenty of music streaming services, it is possible to sort albums by genre. It’s a feature I used extensively, so I miss it with Roon. If you could explain how genres are in a multi-level hierarchy, I might have a better idea how to sort in another way. I don’t mind if an album is in more than one genre. Perhaps it’s a tag issue and I just don’t know how to use them effectively.

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Take a look at:

This is a multidimensional hierarchical representation of about 200 genres (while the actual number of genres is much higher.

You can navigate Musicmap via a flat alphabetical listing, and this could also be used as the basis for a sort, but I suspect that many would argue that the connections between genres are then lost.

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When I had CD’s I had them neatly organized in portfolios. Each porttfolio was labeled: Classical, Rock, World, Jazz, Blues, Pop. I loved it because whichever kind of music I wanted to listen to I would open up that portfolio. In Roon, this is difficult to replicate. Yes, there are tags but it’s not the same thing. You can sort your albums by title, artist, date added, & recently played. What good is this? I have to scroll through thousands of albums to find what I’m looking for. Sure I could go deep into the Roon menu to highlight “Classical” but it’s a pain. Roon should let us create our own genre’s at the top of our album library so all we have to do is one-click onto the genre we want.

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