How to start with smartphone to access Roon-server?

Roon Core Machine:

Intel Celeron 1.99GHz Roon is running (Version : 1.8 (build 1021) stable
APKG-Version : 2021-10-13), trial account set up is done.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asustor NAS

Connected Audio Devices

Smartphone onePlus.

Number of Tracks in Library

10 CDs app. 50 tracks.

Description of Issue

Smartphone Roon app downloaded, put in account data
while I try to get to my music on Roon server (10 CD test) it messages back …

start your subscription.

Please handle asap, trial period is very short to start this way!

Have you started your free trial?

And, signed into Roon using the same credentials?

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yes i´ve created an account. i decidet the way to pay, providet roon with the way to pay. all this doesnt´help and gives back in the app after logging in always the same words : “start your subscription”!
do i get an email or so to answer on? or what ist behind it?

Can you share some screenshots? @support should be with you after the weekend.

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I assume you are using the exact same email address to try to log into Roon as you used to start your trial?

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I understood,to use Roon i need an account.

  • i´ve created one. this is only possible to start an trial.
  • to log into roon needs the proof that i have an account.
  • so i loog into roon with the same email adress.

so far my thinking. something to change?

Let me tag Roon’s @accounts team to check that all is well with the Roon account you set up.
Don’t worry about the Trial period, I’m sure Roon will accommodate an extension to make up for anytime lost in getting this setup for you.

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This shows my server is up and running. I enter than the mailaddress and password.

That’s the end.
How do I get to my music collection and play it on my smartphone?

Hey @anon74191694,

Thanks for reaching out on community as well — I’ve just replied to your email and it should all be sorted out. It’s just a case of mistyped email address at sign up :nerd_face:


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