How to stay on old version instead update to 2.0

What is the correct procedure to not update to 2.0 and using the old version for some time?

:mega: Staff Edit - See Migration FAQ:

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Don’t hit the update button…


Best thing you can do is disable auto updates of your Roon Core(s) and Remote(s). You can find that option somewhere in the settings menu. If you’re using a phone, the store would determine that behaviour.

Seems that update by mistake does not allow to go back to 1.x

Indeed. Roonlabs usually doesn’t support downgrades. So you’ve been warned.

Do a backup. Download the current installer. Disable auto updates. Then you can update when it’s more convenient for you.

But that doesn’t mean Roon wouldn’t provide that avenue if 2.0 really doesn’t work for you.
The best bet for some is to disable auto updates and let matters unfold for a while.

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Paged through the menus but cannot locate a “disable auto-update” selection. Can you point to this?

You should find it under Settings > about. There’s a cogwheel next to your core and active remote. This can only be done on desktop apps. Not phones or tablets.

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Yes, found it. Many thanks…was using my iPad so not visible.

Block at your router. After the recent update issues I have this permanently set and temporarily disable once I’ve seen a few weeks with no forum blowups.

Thanks; exactly as you describe

Exactly, as excited as everyone is (maybe), it’s software, better to take the next .1 upgrade after the initial release.

Go to Roon - Settings - About and click the gear for each device and change to “Ask before downloading any updates.”

This time we will.

Don’t worry about avoiding the 2.0 update @Ronny – we’ll be providing instructions for downgrading so take the update like normal and keep an eye out for more details soon.

Edit - Instructions published:


I today updated my app (Roon remote on iOS), but it says it can’t connect with the Roon rock anymore. Roon Rock can’t be updated. So, can’t control my music no more with Roon app. WhatTF. Who thought of this procedure?


OK, here we go. You jumped the gun.

It’s not yet 16:00 UTC…

Roon 1.8 <-> 2.0 Migration FAQ (

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iphone auto updated to Roon 2.0. now when opening roon it says my new sonictransport i5 is not compatible and will not upgrade it to 2.0. No access to any music. Tried to reinstall 1.8 on phone with no success. PANIC!!!

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Use the legacy app.
Roon Remote (Legacy) on the App Store (