How to stop "Global Playlists" from being shown for ever

I just made a playlist. My first in this installation.

The playlists screen is full of other playlists (6 pages-worth), which disappear when I unclick “Display Global Playlists”. I don’t know where they came from. They weren’t made by me or the other user.

How can I make them disappear forever?

Were they really meant to be there in the first place?

They should be Tidal playlists. You should see a Tidal logo.

Either right click or long press on the playlist and then select “delete” in the top right corner.

Cheers, Greg

They also could be M3U files – since those are imported from your hard drive, they’re not assigned to any user and are global.

You can delete them from your hard drive, or in Roon if your Core has sufficient privileges.

Could they have come from itunes? I had 4 playlists in Roon that I never created. They came from itunes and I had to go into itunes to delete them. itunes seems to autogenerate them…