How to stream from phone to Roon Core to benefit of Room correction

Roon Core Machine

Dell inspiron 5570
Intel(R) Core™ i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz 1.80 GHz
Windows10 family
Roon core V1.8

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Ouput on a USB to SPDIF Muse audio module

Number of Tracks in Library

Qobuz streaming

Description of Issue

I would like that my friends could stream music from their phone (local or from their own streaming), using my Roon Core as a room corrector (convolution).

My friends shoul be able to stream connected to my with wifi or the PC Bluetooth

Is it possible ? Easyly ?

Thanks !


I believe the only way they could stream and connect to your Core would be by your home WiFi if on same subnet as the Core and by installing Roon Remote on their phone/tablet.

I could be mistaken of course…:roll_eyes:

Thanks for the answer, but I think that is not what I’m looking for. That doesn’t stream the music from the phone but just do a remote control…
Is there a solution?
Thanks !

There is not a streamlined way that I know of to do this. However, here are some ideas to try:

For the “local” part the you could create a “shared” folder on your network where they can upload theirs files, then add it as a monitored folder in Roon. You can then use “focus” by location to isolate their music to find it. I have not tried this so YMMV.

The “streaming” part “might” be easier?? But not seamless. You would need to log out of your streaming service and have them log into theirs on your Roon core, this assumes they use one of the streaming services available through Roon. Again, I have not tried this, so again, YMMV.

Another way to handle the local part of this is to have them put their music on an external drive or thumb drive and then plug it into your core machine add it as a location that is monitored by Roon and then use focus to isolate their tracks/albums for playing. This I have done and works fine.

Caveat to all of this is that Roon will have to identify the track/albums and add it all to your database, so after you remove it you should go through a library clean up to get rid of the missing files etc.

I truly don’t think there is a simple way for them to stream from their device to your system using Roon.

Might just be easiest to let them stream via Bluetooth and ignore Roon for now.
As @bearFNF says, there are ways but convuluted and involved and not as simple as click, click done.

Possible Yes…have a look at the Roon Entry Points Extension.
But easily…in terms of setup and use, No.


Clear. Thank you.
Surely efficient, even if it needs a little time.

OK. So I will investigate. Thanks

so I’ve installed Oracle VM virtualbox, DietPi and roon-extension-manager.
I can now see Roon Extension Manager in Roon Extension Setup.

But I don’t understand how to install entrypoint gateway, cd entrypoint and audio entrypoint.

Can you help me ?

Thks a lot


Have a look at this video, I think you need to select the category and then the list of extensions should appear underneath I think. I’m not using it currently so this is largely from memory. If you’re still stuck maybe post a message to the Entrypoints Thread.

Thanks, but I’ve nothing inside the Roon Extension Manager setting window (see previous screenshot posted).

So my Room Core is running with Windows 10, and Roon Extension Manager with DietPi. Is it supposed to work ?
I’ve installed other services in DietPi (see screenshot, right window). Is there some compatibility issue ?



Looks like there is an issue with internet access. In the DietPi console (right window in your screenshot) it says curl: (6) Could not resolve host: The Extension Manager requires internet access to download a list of available extensions, when this fails the dropdown menus remain empty.

Apparently there was internet access before, as you were able to install the Extension Manager. Do you know of any changes in the environment?

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Hi, thanks a lot for your help.

I have a little more time and i could solve the network issue.

I have now another problem: when I try to start the BT entrypoint, it says: “No default controller available
I can’t find what to do…



Hey @Frederic_hifi, I moved this thread over to the #tinkering category for better visibility. On another note, there’s a feature suggestion open for this – make sure to vote on it!

First off, running the BT Entrypoint in a Virtualbox VM is not a configuration I have tested, so I can’t tell if this can work.

What you have to make sure is that the Bluetooth device of the PC is passed through to the VM. If it is a USB device then you have to make it available by adding the USB device in the settings, like I describe in the VM guide for an optical drive.

After the Bluetooth device has been added to the VM you have to follow the steps to enable Bluetooth in DietPi.

The configuration can be verified by entering the command bluetoothctl on the dietPi console. It should give you a [bluetooth] prompt at which you enter the list command. It should list the default controller. Use the exit command to get back to the console.

In case your friends are Spotify users, this might be an alternative.

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Hi Guys,
I currently work on rooPlay within my rooExtend approach.

rooPlay is a combination of:

  • Roon Bridge plus NAA
  • Playback visual Roon output (they cann ist display) via the Raspberry Screen
  • Playback from CD-ROM or Apple Superdrive
  • Playback via airplay
  • Playback some test signals

All absolutely easy.

  • You once have to setup a custom radio station within Roon to grab the rooExtend output.
  • Next insert CD and it will start playing
  • Or press play on an Airplay connected device and it will start playing.

For these autoplay functions you can select the output zone within the rooPlay Extension where the CD or Airplay stream shall go. Useing one of my Roon controls rooDial, roo6D or rooNuimo you also will be able to skip forward and backward on the CD. Pressing “Stop” will eject the CD.

I stream uncompressed Flac to Roon so no quality issues.

Maybe I also can include Spouify connect. I will get into that…

Stay tuned, will come in Feb.
Best DrCWO

Hi @Frederic_hifi,

In case your friends are Spotify users and you have your DietPi VM still around, I just released the Librespot Entrypoint that makes the connection between the Spotify app and your Roon core. Allowing your friends to pick the music and to run it through the Roon DSP. You can read about it in this thread:

Hi Rooners,
as I have released rooWatch this week ( I am happy to announce my next Roon Extension project. I will call it rooPlay and it hopefully will be ready mid of May.

rooPlay will offer a Plug and Play experience as all my other Roon Extensions already did.
No Linux knowledge will be necessary, not for the setup and not for operation.

What can I do with rooPlay?

  • Add a USB CD-Rom drive (Apple Super Drive also supported) to play music via Roon
  • Stream Airplay
  • Stream Spotify (probably :wink:)
  • Play some Test-Signals
  • Connect a HDMI-Display to show the Roon Display

What do I need?
A Raspberry Pi with my rooExtend SD-Card-Image.

How will it work?
You have to create a custom radio station pointing to the rooExtend Raspberry Pi.
After this, inserting a CD or starting airplay will start playback in the selected zone automatically. Using one of my Roon control extensions (e.g. rooDial) you also will be able to issue next/previous commands on the CD. Pressing Stop will eject the CD.

What is the status of my development?
Code for the custom radio station is done, Test-Signals and CD playback also work in my prototype. Airplay and Spotify are still on my to do list.

Best DrCWO

Hi all,
I am looking for betaa Testers now, please see my announcement here:
rooExtend – The easy start with Roon Extensions - Audio Gear Talk - Roon Labs Community

Best DrCWO