How to switch from TIDAL to Qobuz

I would like to switch streaming firm from TIDAL to Qobuz - however since I have more than 7000 albums from tidal in my Roon library - how can I make the switch without having to change every single album from TIDAL to Qobuz. Also when I log out of TIDAL all my albums disappear, which means I will have to find them all again.

Perhaps there could be an option where all the albums of your library from streaming stay there even if you lock our of the streaming service. Obviously you cannot play them, until you link up to an alternative service or buy them, but it means the library you have build is not lost!?

Some folks here have used Soundiiz to make the switch. Search for “soundiiz” in the forum to find the posts.

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Warning: Check before you leave Tidal how many of the 7000 Tidal albums you can get in Qobuz! (their library is smaller than Tidal…)
Soundiiz does an excellent job in comparing both services…

In my case I’ve chosen for a monthly Soundiiz membership.

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About 23% of my Tidal favorites was not available in Qobuz. (European Qobuz -> non-beta)

They do stay, even if you do not anymore subscribe Tidal. When you login to Tidal in Roon you will still find your added Tidal favorites but cannot anymore play them.