How to Tell if Roon Server is Running on Windows, or Stop It

Windows 10 Version 1809 x64 headless Core Machine Roon 1.6 (build 416) 64 bit

How can I tell whether Roon Server is running or not on my media server, where it has been set up? It doesn’t show up as an app. If its shortcut is pinned to the task bar, the shortcut isn’t given a colored underline when running like other apps.

How can I tell Roon Server to gracefully shut down? The media server where it runs is used for other tasks, some of which work better without Roon Server being active. Having to restart the server to get rid of Roon is disruptive at best, and ineffective if Roon Server has been set up to start automatically.

I can now answer this myself.

I was a little slow in realizing I should also look in the System Tray for this information, but that’s where it is on Windows. If the Roon icon is there it’s running. Right clicking on the icon shows you the status and also allows you to quit it or set it to automatically start when Windows starts.

Also, if you want the Roon icon to automatically show up in the notification area of the Windows taskbar when Roon Server is running, you need to go to the Taskbar settings, Notification area, “Select which icons appear on the taskbar”, and turn Ronn.exe from Off (the default) to On.

It also turns out to be documented, briefly and incompletely, at the beginning of the Knowledge Base article “FAQ: How do I move my library over to RoonServer? How do I run headless?”

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