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Hi, I have an issue regarding Roon’s playlists. As roon has no mobile ability, ie an user can use roon outside local network, eg driving on the road, playlists created in roon can not be used outside local network. If playlists created in roon can be transfer to Tidal or Qobuz, an user can use those playlists outside local network. It is a natural things to do. Could anyone help me how to do that as I have no clue yet.
If there is no way to do that, is there a plan for roon to do that(I image it is not difficult) ? If so, any schedule an roon user can expected?

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One way to do it: export to Soundizz format, then use Soundiiz to transfer the play list in (almost) any streaming service available.


Many thanks for your reply! I am using tunemymusic to sync my playlists in Apple Music, Youtube Music mainly to Tidal, and automatically to roon. I am wondering is there a same feature I can use in tunemymusic to transfer/sync Roon’s playlists to Tidal/Qobuz. Do you have any idea for that?

Thanks again for your information.

I’ve never used tunemymusic.

The same way as you would for Soundiz — see occasionallyhere’s post above.

That Soundiz export option simply creates a .csv file on your desktop, which you can then upload to TuneMyMusic using the ‘Upload File’ option.

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Thanks for your valuable information. I tried and succeeded to copy one of my playlist in roon to Tidal. Every songs in that Roon’s playlist was copied to Tidal successfully, also. And in the process, I did not used Soundiz App at all.

All I did was, at first, in roon, I chose a playlist and opted “share” and created a CSV file in my MacBook Plus. Then I went online singed in to Tunemymusic, and then I typed " Tunemymusic CSV to Tidal", and then I followed the steps on the screen. After a second try, the Roon’s playlist was copied to Tidal, along with every songs in that playlist.

This was very helpful for me as now I can listen songs in Roon’s playlist in Tidal App when I go out my house.

Thanks again for your big help!

I am wondering, is it possible for Roon’s team to creat a function in roon that all the playlists created/edited in roon can be automatically show up in Tidal and Qobuz, the same as the situation now - every playlists in Tidal and Qobuz are shown up in roon automatically. If this could happen, I believe many Roon’s users will apprecipate as users can easily listen to what they love in roon outside their house, ie outside their local networks, simply by opening Tidal or Qobuz App? Can somebody work for roon can help to answer this question?

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Not working for Roon Labs: Currently Roon does only import data from Tidal/Qobuz, there is no automatic sync back. Since a few version exists the export to a soundiiz compatible CSV file. If you need/want more, you should look into #roon:feature-suggestions. Maybe a feature suggestion already exists else create one nbut either way don’t forget to vote for the feature you want. :slightly_smiling_face:

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