How to transfer tracks to an album in Roon

I now have about 6000 tracks in my Roon library that are not associated with an album. These tracks were imported from iTunes when I set up roon (long story on how this happened).
I would like to transfer all of these tracks to an album in my Room library to keep them segregated from the music from tidal. If I can’t transfer all of the tracks to a single album, I would like to divide them up in to groups, say 1000 tracks per album.
How can I do this.?

Well, the first issue is that Roon currently has a max album track list of ~120 tracks. I would add track tags to all the tracks which will allow you to include/exclude the tracks depending on your focus and tag sort selections. In my case I have several hundred single tracks, I’ve tagged them ALL with a “Single Track” tag, and then I went and added tags for specific subgroups, like “Dance Party”, “Cocktail Party”, so I can quickly add a whole group of them to the play queue.