How to turn Elac Discovery music server into a Roon Endpoint?

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NUC Windows 11 64bit, Intel i7, 16G

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I own an Elac Discovery Music Server and have been using Roon Essential for a while. Now I have purchased the lifetime full version of Roon, installed the core signed in using the same account as the Roon Essential.

How Can I turn the Elac discovery Music Server into a Roon Endpoint?

For the time being, I can’t seem to connect to Roon Remote, and in the Roon “setting” - “Audio”, all I can find is “this pc” and the System Output.

Please advise, greatly appreciated. I’m desperate


Hey Han, you’ll want to make sure the ELAC is on the same network as your Roon Core and that you’ve “Unauthorized” it as a Roon Essentials Core. Were you able to get that set up?

hi Kevin, good to hear from you, and thank you for replying.
After a few days of trying, I’ve finally got Roon core operating well on the NUC. My solution to that was to go with wifi instead of LAN, this is the only way I can get Roon to find all the endpoints in my house’s network. I was connecting the nuc directly from the modem instead of the router.

Is it better to connect the NUC for roon via LAN to get better audio quality? Or is Wifi just as good?

Thank you


Definitely LAN! We always recommend a wired connection whenever possible, it’s far more reliable.

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