How to turn off Roon Radio from continuing a playlist

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This is a very ‘ludditish’ question re Roon Radio.

I’m using a playlist I have created to go to sleep to and DO NOT want Roon Radio to ‘keep the music playing’ after my playlist has come to an end.

I have investigated and am aware that I should be able to opt for Roon Radio to not continue playing. However, I have clicked every ‘…’ and menu option I can find and can’t seem to get any mention of Roon Radio or its icon anywhere to make this change.

I also can’t get this screen anywhere…

Sorry to waste your time.


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It’s at the bottom of your queue.
Note that this setting is specific to what device you’re using to control Roon and/or maybe each zone. I can’t quite remember.
So you might have to change it in more than one place.

My example was from a playlist.
If you’re already playing from Roon Radio you’ll need to click “End” and then you’ll see the option to turn off Roon Radio.

That’s a pic from the old interface. It’s at the bottom of the Queue page.

Thank you to those who have tried to help. I am so new to ‘playlists’ (yes, I hear you groan) that I don’t think I know the difference between a ‘playlist’ and ‘the queue’.

I created three different playlists for my partner, Liping…

If I go into one of these and scroll to the end of it I don’t see anything about:

If the list of the tracks that make up the Playlist is NOT the Queue then what and where is the queue?

I’m really sorry I’m so dumb.


Sorry, missing words…

I don’t see anything about the Roon Radio at the bottom of the list of tracks in the Playlist.

Click the “Queue” button to finally see the toggle in the listening queue view - I highlighted the “Queue” button in your own screen shot

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Some features and functions in Roon are less than obvious.
This is one of them.

Got it!

Thank you so much. Much appreciated.


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