How to Update Roon? I Am Showing the Triangle with Exclamation Point

Yesterday when booting up Roon I saw the iPad icon show “cleaning” and then I lost the ability to play the radio although my radio stations show. Using a Small Green Computer I5 as my server.

Hi @Lawrence_Kennedy,

You can check for updates by going to Settings > About.

Is there any change if you reboot your Core machine?

That, in itself, shouldn’t be a problem. iOS apps ‘clean’ all the time.

If there is a problem, try a hard reset on your iPad.

in addition to no radio access, the metadata is not loading on new albums I’ve added through Qobuz to my database. I keep getting the “roon update needed” and I checked with settings “about” and I have the current roon build…this is frustrating.

Hi @Lawrence_Kennedy,

It sounds like there is something preventing your Core machine from being able to reach our servers properly. This could be something networking related or something specific to the Core machine.

Can you describe your networking setup?

Can you try using Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS and let us know if that helps?

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