How to upgrade from Nucleus+ to Nucleus Titan

I didn’t see a post exactly about this. I recently took advantage of the trade-in opportunity to get a Nucleus Titan. In case others are going through the process, here is what I did.

  1. Backup the Nucleus+ via the Roon app. Go to Settings in the app, then selects Backups. I used a USB stick for this. Backup was pretty quick.
  2. Connect to the Nucleus+ via the web UI and click Reset under Roon Database & Settings
  3. Shutdown the Nucleus+ via the rear button. Unplug everything.
  4. Plug USB stick into the Nucleus Titan.
  5. Connect network and power to Nucleus Titan
  6. Open Roon app. Tell it to select a new Roon server. The Nucleus Titan was immediately found.
  7. Update Nucleus Titan.
  8. Reselect Nucleus Titan as new Roon server.
  9. Go back to Backups under Settings in the Roon app. Select the folder from the USB stick with the backup and restore.

That seems to have done the trick. Roon app is now connected to my new Nucleus Titan. The library shows up as before. And I didn’t have to setup the connection to my NAS music location.

For those who know, please confirm if these are the best steps or if I made it more complicated than needed. Thanks!

Also, for the Roon folks, it would be great to include a page from the QR code on the smoothest upgrade procedure for existing owners. Thanks!


Really helpful post and will help many people.


Can confirm every step on my N+ → Titan transition. Thank you @Steve_Bjorg !!

Steve thanks much - when to install the internal SSD first?

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Sorry, I can’t help with that. My collection is on a NAS, so I don’t use the built-in drive.

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I posted on that topic:

I can’t help much with the installation guide, although I’m sure that I have seen on so far.

However, the SSD’s (or HDDs) that you can fit for internal storage are the same spec as for other Nucleus devices.

2.5in for factor sata SDD no more than 15mm thick.

Many trading in (or otherwise upgrading) older Nucleus devices are advised/reminded to remove the storage SSD from the old Nucleus so that it can be fitted into the Titan.

Because the internal storage can only be used for media storage and that is typically written once and then only ever read, there is no need for an expensive, high performance, highly wear tolerant SSD. Instead, the cheaper SSD’s like the Samsung 870 QVO series (available in capacities from 1TB to 8TB) are perfectly adequate.

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Sorry. Got my threats mixed up. Still too early in the morning here!

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