How to use ARC for audio play in Tesla

I think that ARC (and now with Muse) would enable me to play Roon albums and playlists in my Tesla but I’m not sure how to make it happen. Can anyone share the “cliff notes”?

I would get ARC working first (not clear if you have).

Once you do, for most cars you have a more generic Bluetooth connection or a CarPlay connection ( i think Tesla added CarPlay about 6 months ago), there will not be anything ARC unique. Once your phone is connected to your car any app on your phone can play music. Hope that helps a bit.

To my knowledge, Tesla has not added CarPlay. You may be thinking of when they added Apple Music.

Probably need to use Bluetooth input. Use Roon ARC on your phone.

There’s a feature request

I use ARC with Bluetooth in my Model 3 regularly.

But its still Bluetooth!

Just add car play to your tesla, and everything will be fine

Yeah but Tesla does not have Car Play. That’s intentional on Tesla’s part.

Yes, tesla also does not have a stick for wiper and a stick for turn signals
It does not have any head up display
Why should tesla support roon

Crazy car