How to use Roon with my Squeezebox Transporters

I turned off my LMS, and the Roon app on my tablets still cannot find my two transporters. Even when I use my LMS server, I must manually enter the server ip address into the Transporters to connect.
How can I do this using Roon? My ports are open, and I see that I succeeded at this 3 years ago Squeezebox emulation - Support - Roon Labs Community.
I reset the xilink on a Transporter, and it says “connecting to Roon on” but it never connects.

In Roon settings, you will have to enable Squeezebox support.

I did that of course

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Please check that your Roon server is indeed at Perhaps your Roon server is now at a different local IP address, which often happens when one’s router resets. Check the IP address of the device (computer) that is running Roon Core and if is different from then you will have to reenter it into your Transporters. Hopefully that will fix your problem.

It is on the same machine as my LMS for sure. Transporter connects to LMS.