How to use Roon with SOtM sMS-100 via Logitech Media Server to UPNP?


How to use Roon with SOtM sMS-100 via Logitech Media Server to UPNP ?

I have all my music on my NAS Synology 1512+ and I usually listen music with a SOtM sMS-100 via Logitech Media.

The problem is I cannot use my SOtM. In general and Setup I enable Squeezebox support. But In audio I can see only airplay but nothing about squeezebox.

Please, please, How can I resolve this problem…I have only 13 trial days left and I need to listen my Hi-Res music :wink:


Hey @Laurent_BOURJAILLAT – I’m not aware of any issues with the sMS-100, but I do know that it’s an older product. Are there any firmware updates? Have you spoken with SoTM?

Is it working with LMS? Are you sure LMS is shut down when you’re using Roon? Have you read our documentation about setting this up?

Let us know what you’ve tried so far and we can recommend next steps, and we can also restart your trial once we get this working @Laurent_BOURJAILLAT. Sorry for the trouble!

I can’t write you in the forum, I have all the time « access denied ».

Firmware is ok, I send a message to SOtM and I wait a response.

I used the SMS-100 with LMS, but what do you mean if LMS is shut down when I m using Roon ? I tried all the combination possible.But at the end, I didn’t start the logitech media server but LMS is active on my NAS, I enable Squeeze Box Support in Roon. I read your documentation but I don’t have any issue.

You don’t need to restart trial version because if I’m in love with Roon and I will pay for it without any problem ;).