How to view Queue


Embarrassing question I am sure but how do you display/view the Queue. I see how to add to it but all of the documentation on access to the queue refers to icons that I am not seeing. Gotta be right in front of me but…

Please advise.

It’s this icon on the Playbar…

If you’re using a Roon Remote (iOS or Android), then tap on a blank space on the Playbar:

That gets you into the Now Playing screen, where you tap the Queue tab:

Et voilá:



Thank you much. I just thought that was some play control icon. There is no Hover Description on that particular Icon and I do not see it in any manual/documentation. The manual I reference shows a totally different icon and provides instructions on viewing queue which makes me wonder if I am using their correct manual.

Yep - that page describes an earlier iteration of the Roon User Interface unfortunately. I see that the page hasn’t been updated for 2 years, and clearly needs addressing. Roon Labs have been updating material in the Help pages, but this has clearly been missed. I’ll flag it to them.

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I need to be more careful with the icons. I now see that the current icon is obviously a list.

Since I am new I am scouring the manual/guide. If I spot any others I will make note.

Thx again.