How will you use ARC?

Trying to get a feel on how people will take advantage of Roon ARC.

My ideas:

  1. In the car
  2. On the golf course

What are your plans?

Having been in the early access used it at home instead of main app, when gardening, commuting and all day at work. Been rock solid.


On my bike to work, even though it is illegal and dangerous. But hey.


I’m a Luddite so I’ll still use my iPod.

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I dont understand why you woyld use ARC and not the regular Roon at home?

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I’ve been using ARC for about ten months. Most of my usage is while cycling, with bone conduction headphones so that I can still hear traffic. I also use it to drive smart speakers around the house via AirPlay, in the car, and when traveling.


The only value I can think with ARC is a familiar interface, only its not really and the letter scrolling has gone from artists pah! So now I am getting cramp scrolling and scrolling again.

Because it cannot download tidal, really what I am landing up with is another app with even more downloaded music content or putting unnecessary pressure on my home network, when for me, I can get more than enough content on tidal when out and about.

I am struggling to find a use case at this stage. Nice to have I suppose, and because I can remote into my network, reasonably I can just switch it on, on the rare occasions I am on holiday or what ever, then close the port again afterwords.

But there again, I could just use tidal. Not having all my music in one location (still) really makes the app moot.

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Anytime I walk or drive away from my WIFI signal.


Mirror mirror on the wall… I expect arc is just the beginning, with its modern architecture, polished ui, I expect it to be the one stop tool to use with Roon… I do really like what I see and how it feels! I think we see just the first steps from a rising star.

For now I’ll use it on the go, at home for sure the Roon remote app… but as a dev I know how hard it is to develop multiple apps with same or similar features and try to share code across those apps. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think I’m not :wink:

well done, thanks!


I’ve been using the beta version a couple of weeks. I use it while walking the dog, running, while driving and I plan to use it later this week on a plane.

Basically, whenever I used to use Qobuz, but with the Roon magical experience and access to my local files. The only thing I wish I could do and can’t is download streaming tracks.

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So what do you do about those quboz tracks you enjoy? This is where it falls over a bit for me.

My only problem is I like to use my Dell laptop Roon core when at my mother-in-law’s house for a week or two every 6 weeks or so. She’s 99. First of all, I can’t get my Dell core to work running Roon 2.0. Also, if I deactivate my Nucleus core at home to use my Dell core, I can no longer use Roon ARC and can’t reactivate my Nucleus. For that reason, I’m going to re-up my Audirvana Studio subscription to use on the Dell. It’s not a perfect world.

I usually have good data connection, so most of the time I can listen to Qobuz tracks. For the rare occasions when I can’t, like on planes, I’ll listen to my local files or use Qobuz directly.

It’s a little clunky to still need to switch app for offline listening, but I’m already impressed that we can download local files on this first release. Hopefully, we’ll be able to download streaming content at some point.

I want to use it in the car. My car runs Android Automotive. My understanding from another thread is that Roon doesn’t have AA implemented yet (or CarPlay). Is there another way I can use Roon ARC in my car?

If I am walking about the house and headphone listening, I said if I am using my iPhone as an endpoint. It just works better I find that’s all.

I for one used it whilst I was away to a Bluetooth speaker this weekend. I can play the music I have that’s not available on any streaming platform as well as anything from Tidal or Qobuz. That’s the advantage of it.

Bluetooth or via a DAC if it has a line in.

I’m probably a strange case, but my main usage of Roon is just adding music to a queue and transferring that queue to the endpoint I am using. I would use ARC in the car or at the gym, but If I can’t transfer my currently playing queue to ARC like it was just another endpoint (then back from ARC to a Roon endpoint) then it loses a lot of interest for me. I hope this feature is on the roadmap (can’t imagine why it isn’t included in the initial release)

I am using it at work.
8 hours of listening to music a day. 2 weeks now - App is brilliant.

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I work on a ship so sometimes at sea for 2months straight. Also with crappy internet so appreciate the option to download music for offline mode!

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