Howto set Roon Rock to another IP range

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Intel Nuc 615 SYH

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Sonore streamer

Description Of Issue

I have a nuc with Roon Rock core installed. When booting, Roon Rock says it is reachable at IP address Sadly this one is fixed. When hooking to my network this IP address is still fixed. Sadly my network is in the range of so that network won’t find Roon.

Is there a way to reset the network range to
Or is it needed to reinstall Roon rock on the other network, or are there other solutions to handle this.

You need to connect to the webui of Rock by entering in the ip address of it in a web brower and check network settings are set to DHCP. They should be this by default and will only be fixed if it’s been manually changed at some point. If this is already set to DHCP then it must be assigned by the router some how. Reboot ROCK after changing any settings to ensure it gets a fresh IP from DHCP.

Hello @aljooge,

There’s another way to perform the network reset on ROCK. You can connect a USB keyboard and monitor to ROCK and type <ENTER>resetnetwork<ENTER> (no spaces between reset and network). This command will kill all network settings immediately, restoring the built-in Ethernet to go back to looking for IP via DHCP. Hope this helps!


I’m pretty sure that it is your router that hands out the IP addresses to the devices on your network (LAN). Their is a protocol called DHCP. When your NUC/ROCK boots up it asks your router to give it an IP address and then your router tells the NUC/.ROCK what it should use as its IP address. I have a Netgear router which is very good. It allows you to essentially hard code the IP address so that your NUC/ROCK will ALWAYS get the same IP address. Sometimes this is called setting a static IP address. My router calls it “Address Reservation”. You need to do this in your router setup. You enter the MAC address of your NUC/ROCK and tell the router what IP address you want the NUC/ROCK to use. The MAC address of your NUC/ROCK is on a label on the NUC. or if you have a display connected to your NUC it will appear in the “serial number” field on the screen.

You should also login to ROCK and check your network settings. Make sure IP address setup is set to DHCP. My Gateway is set to which is the IP address of my router. Netmask is My DNS server is set to

This really helped me. Tnx alot. :+1:

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