HP Corei3 4GRAM TPLINK ARCHER C2 and Yamaha WXC-50

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Hello everyone, this is my set up Desktop HP Corei3 4GRAM Router TPLINK ARCHER C2, and Yamaha WXC-50, yesterday trying to install JRiver on my PC, I think it’s good, it’s very versatile, it has many configurations and functionalities, but it took me a lot of time to configure it properly and it made my PC slower performance, I get and managed to stream DSD 5.6Mhz files in a raw way, to the Yamaha, but I couldn’t hear the .aif files , even knowing that the Yamaha WXC-50 is compatible with .aif files and almost all kind of files or formats, and the interface of the MusiCast application from Yamaha tells you the information of the file type and its resolution, in some way the JRvier send the streaming converting the files to a specific resolution depending of the streaming receiver, as I mentioned I get the way to send JRiver send the original format file in the streaming, the network communication was made with CAT 6 Ethernet cable, when I saw those anomalies with the JRiver, I decided to install Roon, and WOW, in three steps it was installed, and working with an excellent sound, I realized that since Yamaha WXC-50 is not Roon Ready , Roon sends audio streaming with the Apple Air Play protocol, but in this way I do not know if Roon as a music server sends the original streamign of the file, because the MuscCast App doesn’t display the format and resolution it just say is via Air Play, so I don’t know if Roon streaming for example send a native DSD or does it convert to PCM with a different resolution than the original one? Does anyone know if it sends the native audio streaming or it converts to another format?

Only Airplay on Yamaha WXC-50?
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Airplay is set to 16/44.1. So if you are playing CD material then it is sent as is, assuming you are not doing any DSP. Higher resolutions will be downsampled to the appropriate resolution. One way to tell what is going on from the Roon Side is to click on the Signal Path dot.

Take a read of the FAQ:


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Hey @Gustavo_Adame, your experience with Roon was similar to mine in that I was trying to play DSD files and Roon was the only thing I tried that gave me sound straight away with minimal configuration. It was a laptop to a USB DAC though so very different to the WXC-50. You have to make a choice now. Is Roon for you? And do you want more than AirPlay?

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thanks for your response, I didn’t realice that feature about the Signal Path, I’ll verify to night and make some test, my understanding is there is a possibility to change the configuration on signal path in order to Roon make a streaming raw of every archive, since the Yamaha WXC-50 is capable to receive almost all the standard HRA formats! is it right? In fact actually the set up do with DSD 5.6 or FLAC 14/192 but using JRiver, I hope Roon can do this with my actual setup! It would be sad if according to my configuration, Roon obliges me to only have the capacity of Air Play 16 / 44.1.I really appreciate your help and comments!

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Just to clarify. If you use Airplay you are stuck with 16/44.1 because that is what Airplay is and nothing can change it. If you are using Airplay and play a DSD file, Roon will automatically downsample it to Airplay specifications, 16/44.1 PCM.

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I’ll try to configure Roon to send the streaming straight like the archive is, DSD, Flac etc!


Since your Yamaha isn’t Roon Ready, you’ll need some sort of transport, either Ethernet or WiFi connected, to feed it.

BTW - Your posts are really hard to read. Individual sentences and paragraphs would help.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I use Ethernet CAT 6 all the way, PC-Router-Yamaha, thanks for your comment!


I’m not sure what your setup is, but you’ll need more than just an Ethernet connection from your PC, if you want to run Roon.

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What more do I need? actually my set works with Roon, but just with Air Play, I need to know how to Roon stream archives straight, I mean native DSD, FLAC etc!


I thought you wanted something other than AirPlay, i.e. a better SQ.

If that’s true, then you will need some sort of transport device, either RoonReady or running RoonBridge.

It looks like you’ll need a device that can input to the RCA or Optical inputs on the Yamaha.

Something like this -

See this guide -

Only Airplay on Yamaha WXC-50?
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I have read the guide, and I am afraid that since my Yamaha WXC-50 it is not a Room ready , Roon will not send or stream the music in its original format or resolution to the Yamaha network player! the JRiver do, but is too much complicated to use and it doesn’t have a Control app for mobiles devices! I understood RAAT just work on Room ready devices!


Yes, that’s true. You can still use the Yamaha as a pre-amp/DAC, just not as a streamer to Roon.

The Yamaha is mostly for DLNA software.

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So in this case, Roon as a source on PC, is it possible Roon stream to the Yamaha DSD and FLAC files, as raw, I mean with the original resolution? since Yamaha is a DLNA capable as receiver! Or Roon just militate stream audio with Air Play to a non Roon ready devices?


A little out of my comfort zone advising on this as I use transports as Roon intended. I guess, if your PC has SPDIF, then you could feed the Yamaha via Roon through those outputs.

If you want to invest more money, then this should work, via your Ethernet network, but then you’re not using the Yamaha as it was intended -

Other people may have better suggestions.

@Rugby? @Geoff_Coupe?

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The Yamaha has a Coax SPDIF input, I think. But double check. If so, I’d go with the DigiOne. Although, you might find the DigiOne does everything you need. It sounds great.