HPQe NAA UP Gateway, Atom

Your above is not for sale I presume, since as far as I understood your’s was in regular use in your system? Seems impossible to find whereever I look, ridiculous deliverytimes, probably one of many corona effects. Give me an offer if your can spare it, pls.

BTW End of next week I will look into the Antipode K50, since we are far gone evaluating their portfolio as a distributor. Really looking forward to this, guess I will have to ask some. Really interesting to see how high this rather tiny thing may be pushed. It’ll be an MSB DAC talking in the other end …

BTW2 Would you consider the modulator ASDM7ECv2 to be the top notch from technical performance poit of view? Working now finally after upgrade to latest and also amd vesion. Good to have debass … You’ve built a very nice community around the HQP Kudos!

Who is this question to Stefan

You quoted yourself :smiley:

I use the UPBoard also - highly recommended for NAA

Did you email the official web shop and ask them lead time?

Check out Mousser also

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Mouser is listing 44 weeks lead time, batch of 100 scheduled to come bu Dec 16th 2022! :sweat_smile:

So I guess fitlet2 is second best alternative meanwhile. Of course it has the advantage of supporting optical modules…

Although it marked as backorder but I just got my up board gateway atom x5-z8350 4/32 from up-shop.com. The store changed the status to “ship in 7 days” as soon as I placed this order on Dec 25, 2021). Worth a try.



I made a blunder when the forum/community software asked if I’d rather like to send a message to Jussi, since it was the third time I tagged him in the open forum … :rofl:
Guys, you already know it, in some cases I do not understand what I read. I made exactly what I thought the software suggested, see what that brought me hahahahaha
So, the question was directed to Jussi, if the one (possibly more than one?) he uses by any chans was up for sale?
But @Chunhao_Lee came up with an idea, that I might consider, thanks, bro’

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Nice, I mentioned the same above - to email the web shop directly to ask about lead time.

You did, thanks! Mouser was 44 weeks, but that said on their web page only. I guess however, if there is any chance there is a small stock available, UP will probably primarely promote their own web shop, but not advertising, because they would shoot other retailers foot off. Bad business move …
Will check with UP and also trying to get hold of the guy at Klarsund, our subsidiary and distributor of Marten speakers, Jorma Cables, Keces, MSB, among others. They have a Keces linear PSU, with decent performance called P3, 2 outputs at optionally 5V/7V/9V + 12V/15V/16V and would be perfect for doubling the DAC and the NAA. Or if I choose the SoTM USB card. First the LPSU, to further explore the DAC maximus … :slight_smile:

No, I don’t have spare ones… I have two Gateways, one with case another board-only. I have two Squared too, one with case another board-only. Notice a pattern, since I also have CuBox Pulse and HummingBoard Pulse :smiley: etc…

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I just ordered my 2nd UpBoard Gateway direct from UP Shop.

Ships in 7 days they said.



May I ask why do you choose UpBoard Gateway over fitlet2? I am thinking to choose between them as NAA.

May I confirm that UpBoard Gateway can output DSD 256 to RME adi2 dac fs? I am asking because Zen stream limited the output to DSD 128…

At least it does 1.4/1.5M PCM and DSD1024 to Holo Spring 3 without any trouble…

Not thinking about availability UpBoard Gateway has just one Ethernet port, this allow to run NAA image without any customization.
With fitlet2 you should run HQPe OS image as it can manage more than one Ethernet port.

Actually the specs say up to DSD256

With fitlet2 you should run HQPe OS image as it can manage more than one Ethernet port. ** I am a bit lost
→ I am planning to install audiolinux to fitlet2/ UpBoard Gateway and add HQPe as NAA or Roon endpoint

Zen stream is using the old Linux kernel so it cannot output DSD 256 via RME adi-2. software problem

You can read here (and in many posts of the same thread)

UpBoard Gateway looks like a simpler solution

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Yes, it is

Hi. Yes 2 reasons I choose UpBoard Gateway:

  1. HQPlayer supports UAC2 input with UpBoard (my biggest reason, much more important for me than #2 below)

  2. Only requires 5Vdc 1A power. For critical listening I can use a powerbank. No AC power RF currents / leakage currents

Even though power bank uses switching components, the RME will handle this “noise”.

The RME is not immune to USB ground AC related issues on USB input - See Intona USB isolator measurements which are using an ADI-2

By having a battery powered USB source, you eliminate these issues and no need for an Intona. The USB source is totally disconnected from AC power issues.

Mine has shipped today, after ordering just 2 days ago from UP Shop.

Availability not an issue from official web shop.

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Which version of intona usb isolator you are using? Do you provide power to isolator?

I saw 5v4a for upboard gateway?

I don’t use Intona. But if you check Intona website for measurements they are showing measurements using RME ADI-2 analogue output.

Running Gateway off a powerbank and there’s no need for any USB isolator.

Works absolutely fine for me running NAA OS with 5V 1A

Note there’s 2 different Intel Atom UpBoard Gateway models. One of them may need more current but the one I have works fine as I mentioned