HQ Player Licence key transfering from a Mac to a PC

I wonder if anyone can help. I have Roon and HQ Player both running on my iMac. I’m moving it all over to a dedicated sonicTransport i7 (Windows). I choose this machine specifically to keep HQ Player.

The licence key for HQ Player is not transferable from a Mac to a PC. @jussi_laako has simply said that this is the case but not offered an new key. Anyone had this problem and if so how did you resolve it?


@Rob_Higginson Have you ask him directly if you can move your license?

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I believe if you send ussi an email at HQPlayer with your MAC license key, he will send you a coupon good for a percentage off of the Win version. I think it’s about 40 to 50% off.

I have sent an email but the response was a little ambiguous and basically said that you couldn’t transfer the key from mac/linux to windows, however no other discussion.

Dont wait for them to engage you on the discussion of what you want accomplished, Instead be direct and blunt about it.

Can I move my license from Mac to Windows without a charge? If Yes, How? If No, Is there a pro-rated charge? What can I do to accomplish this? Nothing, I am dead in the water? Than tough titti for me… Ill buy a second license. To be honest, HQ Player is by no means expensive.

Good luck!

Words of wisdom, I agree with you, Im just a little pissed I thought it would be easy! Response to emails, by Jussi, is a little sluggish.

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Unfortunately, they are different programs.

I understand the Windows and Mac/Linux versions of HQP are licensed separately. I purchased both as a package from Gianluca, @bibo01, and would reccomend him as an HQP reseller.

You cannot transfer a Windows licence to a Mac/Linux one or viceversa.
What you can do is to send an email to support@signalyst.com explaining your situation/intention. Jussi will send you a discount coupon towards the purchase of a new licence.

Although I am an official reseller, I cannot issue the discount coupon. I can help towards a purchase.

Jussi came back first thing this morning and sorted it for me. Many thanks for all your inputs, it appreciated.


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