HQ Player won’t launch

Hi everyone,
Hope you can help. Have intel nuc 8i7BEH in fanless case. Have been running as a ROCK. Have removed ROCK and installed windows 10 education N edition. Goal is to run roon core and HQ player. Have configured roon core but am now having trouble with HQ player. HQ player just won’t launch. It will ask for permissions to change settings on the computer and will then not launch. I have allowed hq player through the firewall and am running as administrator.
Any help and ideas would be much appreciated.

If not launching at all then try uninstalling and reinstalling.Also disable the firewall completely for the time and then re-enable it later.

Finally check if Windows smart shield is blocking it. I had an app a few weeks ago and it said rarely seen and I had to go in and approve it

Just to add… remember that HQPLAYER is a client server app, the service runs in the background and you connect via the web or windows app. I have only used it on Linux though

Hi Michael
Thanks disabled firewall, reinstalled HQ and disabled app protections
Still won’t launch desktop but does open client as before!
Any thoughts ?

Garry sorry I am no expert on HQP, only very basic stuff. I have mostly used the embedded Linux distro to test

Maybe see if one of the knowledgeable guys picks it up. They are regularly on the forums

I’m not an expert, but is there a chance that this version of windows 10 has some limitation that causes HQPlayer to not launch / run correctly? I suspect most people run Home or Professional version of Windows 10.

I think Erik May be on to something. See here:


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Hi Guys thanks for help probably should have said have already downloaded media pack - but to now avail.
With benefit of hindsight think your point about limitation of Education N probably correct will upgrade to professional and give it a crack !
Will let you know how it goes.


Hi thanks guys installed windows pro and now al good :blush: